Meet James Bible

James Bible is a dedicated civil rights attorney who looks forward to the opportunity to serve you as a member of the Bellevue City Council.  James’s ties to Bellevue run deep.  He first moved to Bellevue with his mother in 1985.  James's mother was attracted to Bellevue because of its strong public schools and safe neighborhoods.  While academics were of critical importance, James's family instilled in him the importance of actively engaging in the political process.  Becoming a lawyer fit well with James's community service goals.  After graduating Cum Laude from the Seattle University School of Law, James went to work for the King County Public Defender’s Office.  As a public defender, James represented individuals that were charged with crimes and could not afford counsel.  Working in public defense provided James with a deeper understanding of many of the poverty issues present in our communities.

In addition to working as a public defender, James served on a task force with the Minority Executive Director’s Coalition (MEDC).  While working with the task force, James was able to assist in crafting policy proposals and presenting information to city councils and individual council members.  In 2007, James became the president of the King County Branch of the NAACP.  During his tenure, he supervised executive committees that addressed issues related to education, health, incarceration, employment, accountability and veteran’s affairs.  In addition to serving as the King County NAACP president, James also served as the Legal Redress Chair for the Alaska, Oregon, and Washington State Conference of the NAACP.

James Bible currently runs the James Bible Law Group.  The James Bible Law Group is a litigation law firm located in Eastgate.  James Bible is a deep believer in the US Constitution and embraces the opportunity to defend his clients' constitutional rights in court.  James Bible’s pride and joy is his six-year-old son, who attends a Bellevue Public School.  James believes that we have a responsibility to do the best we can to create better opportunities for future generations, and he will work tirelessly for a better future for all.

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